Left : Impedance probe of S-520-29 sounding rocket installed in the vacuum chamber for prelaunch test
Middle : Flight model of High Frequency Analyzer (HFA) to be installed on the ERG spacecraft
Right : ERG mission - investigation of geospace storms and the formation process of radiation belts
Research Subjects

・Studies of lunar and planetary environment based on electromagnetism and plasma physics
・Rocket measurements of ionospheric plasma
・Simulation studies of Macro and Micro scale plasma phenomena in planetary magnetosphere
Overview of Research

Our laboratory was established at 1945 as the first terrestrial electromagnetism course in Japan and has been developed from the late 1970s to the present as one of leading research groups in the field of space plasma physics. Our field of research and education includes the investigations of plasma processes in solar terrestrial and planetary environments, the plasma environment surrounding the Earth and the Moon, and the origins of the solar system through theoretical studies, observations using rockets and satellites, and numerical simulations.
Our research activities are based on the electromagnetism and plasma physics in understanding various types of physical processes occurring in space plasmas. In other words, the objective of our studies is to accomplish research and education based on the "understanding of plasma physics and the electromagnetism with respect to the Earth and planets".
Research and education activities of our laboratory have been conducted through the collaboration with the Planetary Atmospheric Physics Laboratory and Planetary Plasma and Atmospheric Research Center (PPARC).
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